Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Scottish Pornographers

The other day, Jen and I took the boys to the playground. As we were getting ready to leave, we asked Liam what he wanted to have for lunch. The reply:

"Haggis and nudes."

He's only 3 years old, and that's how he pronounces "hot dogs and noodles."

I thought, if anybody had overheard our conversation, they'd think we were a family of Scottish pornographers. Either that or a troupe of bizarre performance artists.

This incident reminded me of the time a few months ago when we were all in the car and drove past an establishment that advertised itself as a "100% Naked Juice Bar." I said, "Hey, Liam! Do you want to go to a naked juice bar?"

He answered, "YEEEAAAHHHH!" with the most emphatic nodding and flapping of arms I've ever seen from him. I guess if a three-year-old has any real concept of "naked juice bar" at all, he must visualize it as a sort of day care center where the kids all run around sans diapers, with sippy-cups in hand.

Hey, if they served haggis, Liam would be all over that.


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smokinbill said...

Speaking of strange performing families, have you heard of The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players?  http://www.slideshowplayers.com/